Participation Certificate and Receipt


Ccertificate of participation and receipt

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All registered and paid attendees will receive the above documents by postal mail, regardless of whether they attend on-site or online. (sent to the registered address)

We sent up to registration number A01500, but this may be delayed depending on the timing of the confirmation of payment (arrival of money) by the secretariat.

If payment (arrival) has not been confirmed by the secretariat, only the participation certificate has been sent. On-site participants will receive a receipt at the venue, and online participants will receive a receipt by mail.

Participants with registration numbers after A01501 will be given these at the venue, so please come to the reception desk on the day.

Online participants after A01501 will be mailed after the end of the meeting, so please wait.

Please be sure to bring your registration card with you, as it is required for on-site participation.